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  • Electronic business operations – exchange of information in the electronic form, either directly between partners or via business networks or paperless business operations respectively.
  • EDI - electronic data interchange - automatic data transmission between information systems without any human intervention. Data are being interchanged in standardized form.
  • E-document – this is a document in the electronic form. Document is a collection of data or the carrier of data respectively.
  • E-archive – electronic storage of electronic or digitalized documents respectively in one place. Archive is the collection of records and documents or the place where records and documents are being stored. E-archive is enabling the more efficient control over the use of e-documents, the time and location independent accessibility of these records and documents and the secure storage of them, whereas for the enterprises the E-archive is providing the savings of time and of money.     
  • B2B (business to business) - business operations between enterprises. Today B2B is running in the majority of cases via networks with the value added that are using Internet for their communications. This kind of business communications is meaning lower costs and the possibility of global business operations for enterprises.   
  • EANCOM is the international standard for computerized interchange of data. EDIFACT is the basis for the EANCOM standard. Today, the EANCOM standard is specialized for the use within the supply chains and in its structures EANCOM is implementing business standards GS1.
  • EDIFACT - UN / EDIFACT (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport) is the set of internationally agreed upon standards and guidelines for the electronic data interchange.
  •  E-logistics – computerization of logistic processes and provision of traceability through the entire supply chain.  
  • E-supply – electronically supported delivery or procurement of goods or services respectively, of information related to stocks, electronic payments or interchange of documents respectively.  
  • GS1 – organization. GS1 is a non-profit organization, established in 1977, as the EAN International. GS1 is taking care for the development and implementation of international standards related to the identification and electronic interchange of data. GS1 is determining various standards, as for instance identification numbers, barcodes, EPC technology for the radio-frequency identification, standards for electronic interchange of data, and the global synchronization of data (GDSN).


Who may use® services and how these services may be used?


Following companies are using® at their business operations:

  • Baumax
  • Billa
  • dm
  • Engrotuš
  • Mercator
  • Metro
  • OMV
  • Spar