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They have said about us

In the IT department of the company Gorenje we are responsible for electronic business operations of the whole Group Gorenje (Skupina Gorenje), which means not only for the main company in Velenje headquarters but also for all Gorenje branch offices worldwide. For the performance of this task we searched for appropriate partner that would help us at establishment of connections with all business partners in the world, irrespectively of the type and method of communications used at their daily work. After thorough analysis we found such a partner in company Panteon Group and we are cooperating very successfully since, more than four years now.

Among its qualities we are appreciating in the first place are: reliability, quality, quick response and competent and kind assistance to users. Their experiences, competence and quality are the assurance for the successful handling of sometimes very demanding issues in the area of the establishment of electronic connections and in the area of general electronic business operations.

Ms. Tanja Lesničar, MBA, e-business manager, Gorenje d.d., April 2009


Reliable provision of services of e-business without failures and shortfalls and without any lost documents. During our long lasting collaboration did not happen that one document would have been lost, in spite of the big quantity of documents.

Maintenance or support and assistance to users: team Panteon Group is working on a very high level of professionalism and is always ready for intervention. They respond to each call very quickly and they use to solve all reported problems.

Flexibility: they find quickly also appropriate answers and solutions also for non standard or “peculiar” requirements.

Mr. Jure Dolanec, IT manager, Orbico d.o.o., May 2009



Spar was among the first companies in Slovenia to introduce the e-business in accordance with standards GS1 EANCOM within the process of supply (e-supply) with its suppliers, supported by the business network®.

Today, we are using within the e-supply solution: orders, orders confimations/responses, despatch advices, receipt advice confirmations, and since recently, also electronic invoices and archiving system of these invoices, supported by® e-ARCHIVE™ solution. Moreover, we may enable our suppliers to receive information regarding inventory of their articles with us. 

E-business is significantly accelerating the process of ordering and delivery and consequently reducing the number of errors.  The biggest saving is provided with electronic implementation of the whole process of inventory replenishment alongwith the invoicing and electronic archiving of invoices.With e-business, the "win-win" position is being achieved - the supplier is profiting from these advantages and, as well, at the end, also we, as buyers.  

For us it is important to manage the whole supply centrally, in order to use the same® services with all suppliers.   

Mr. Robert Zajc, optimization of business processes SPAR International ASPIAG, January 2010



Who may use® services and how these services may be used?


Following companies are using® at their business operations:

  • Baumax
  • Billa
  • dm
  • Engrotuš
  • Mercator
  • Metro
  • OMV
  • Spar