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Analysis and consulting

At the renewal of inter-organizational business processes it is very important to know opportunities that are being made possible by technologies of electronic transmission of information.

This awareness and knowledge are especially important when electronically supported processes within the international environment, as for instance commerce and logistics, are being established.

Long standing experiences and good practices

Group of companies Panteon Group®, thanks to its long standing experiences gathered with the biggest commerce chains within Central Europe and thanks to their good practices, may offer the leading consulting services. These services are based on the good practices of biggest users of e-business, on standards, applicable in individual environments, on worldwide trends and, last not least, on our own experiences gathered in the local domestic environment.



Who may use® services and how these services may be used?


Following companies are using® at their business operations:

  • Baumax
  • Billa
  • dm
  • Engrotuš
  • Mercator
  • Metro
  • OMV
  • Spar