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Product RIP Suite

System for computerized interchange of data

Program package RipSuite with its modules is enabling the set up of the environment for the automated computerized interchange of data between business partners that are mutually interchanging standardized business reports (orders, confirmations of orders, invoices, bills of receipt etc).

Interchange of messages between business partners is running as sending and receiving of messages.

RipSuite is enabling the tracking of individual sending and receiving steps and archiving. All sending and receiving steps are being documented in special files that are being stored as archive copies as long as it is required.



Who may use® services and how these services may be used?


Following companies are using® at their business operations:

  • Baumax
  • Billa
  • dm
  • Engrotuš
  • Mercator
  • Metro
  • OMV
  • Spar