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First business meeting

Business meeting "Panteon Group® Beograd Forum 2011"

On Wednesday, May 11th 2011, on the ship of the Jahting Klub Kej in Belgrade, Serbia, the first business meeting "Panteon Group® Beograd Forum 2011", took place, with the participation of representatives of leading trading chains and of numerous other enterprises.

The meeting was opened by Ms. Radmila Medaković, representative of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Franz Humenberger (Editel Austria Group) and Mr. Ljuban Magdelinić (Wiesbauer) have explained their rich experiences with the EDI system in their environments and emphasized the reasons and advantages of the use of the EDI system.

Business meeting has been supported also by the organisation GS1 of Serbia. Its representative, Mr. Miroslav Ilić, led a discussion on GS1 standards and on EDI in Serbia.

Mr. Božidar Bajsič has, on behalf of the Panteon Group®, introduced to the participants the electronic business operations with smaller customers -® 3S and he opened the topic about the integration of smaller customers into the EDI system.

The business meeting was closed by representatives of trading chains (Delta Maxi, Idea, Merkur, dm-drogerie markt ...) and of enterprises (Delta DMD, ITM skupina ...), discussion on the actual status, development and perspective of the EDI system in Serbia followed.